Used boats, 5 boats under 8 meters with plenty of space


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Quicksilver Activ 645 Cabin

Five small boats under 8 meters, but with large spaces, which can be bought used from 20 thousand euros, with motor. A common feature for these day boats is the large cockpit walking area, sunbathing surfaces, and all the amenities to stay at sea all day and take nice trips along the coast. Three of them also have 2 beds for those who want to make the weekend trip to the sea.


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5 small boats under 8 meters


Ranieri International SL24

Small cruiser for big days at sea. The shipyard’s SL24 model is, in fact, a seven-meter open with plenty of space both in the cockpit and below deck. It is powered outboard, either one or two, up to a maximum output of 300 horsepower. With its spacious and versatile cockpit, the L-shaped sofa, which is spread between the transom and the starboard broadside, which can become a dining dinette if needed shaded by the bimini top.

The outboard motorization does not allow for a swim platform, but diving into the sea and climbing back into the boat is equally facilitated by the passageway, equipped with a ladder, cut out to the left of the transom.

Contrary to what one might think looking at its size from the outside, the boat inside has a rather large and airy cabin that is well maintained in appearance.

Data Sheet of the boat: Ranieri International SL24

  • Loa: 7.15 m
  • B.max: 2.55 m
  • Displacement: 1,400 kg
  • Beds: 2
  • Motorization: 1×300 hp
  • Water tank: 100 l
  • Fuel tank: 250 l

The current price on the market is 20 thousand depending on the year (2015) and condition.

Ranieri International SL24
Ranieri International SL24

Sessa Marine Key Largo 24 Inboard

Inboard-outboard motorization allows this open to also offer in just seven meters an extended sundeck overlooking a bathing beach also finished in wood, something impossible on its “sister” with outboard engines. The engine is a 270-horsepower Volvo Penta, and the hull has a deadrise of 13°, highlighting the choice to prioritize speed performance, but without neglecting marine qualities too much. In addition, the boat is 2.5 meters wide, so it is wheelable.

Not only do you get an aft sundeck, but by folding down the back of the settee and using it as an additional cushion, you get a respectable size. The squared-off shape of the bow allows the surface area of the cushions to be enlarged, extending all the way to the central deckhouse to create a sort of chaise longue.

Inside, the cabin offers a decent-sized bar cabinet to starboard. A pruavia si

widens a double berth, while the left side accommodates a fully concealed electric toilet.

Boat specifications: Sessa Marine Key Largo 24 Inboard

  • Loa: 7.70 m
  • B.max: 2.50 m
  • Beds: 2
  • Motorization: 1×270 hp
  • Water tank: 45 l
  • Fuel tank: 270 l

The current price on the market is 40 thousand depending on the year (2010) and condition.

Sessa Marine Key Largo 24 Inboard
Sessa Marine Key Largo 24 Inboard

Quicksilver Activ 645 Cabin

With a 150-hp Mercury outboard engine, this open can offer just the right amount of space for outdoor living, leaving the possibility of even spending a few nights aboard in its small cabin, although a little spirit of adaptation is essential.

At first glance, the impression is that of a classic daycruiser that has been able to optimize its abundant six meters in length well: two comfortable, wraparound seats on either side of the dashboard, with the instrumentation neatly gathered on the counter-mold on the starboard side. Thanks to the retractable ladder in the small beach, access to the sea is very easy. The retractable awning is appreciated for the rationality of its arrangement. The windshield opens in the center and provides convenient access to the two individual sunbathing cushions in the bow.

The cabin offers enough volume for two people to sleep in, thanks to the cushioning that turns it into a single mattress platform; there is space for a toilet under the dunnage.

Boat features: Quicksilver Activ 645 Cabin

  • Loa: 6.25 m
  • B.max: 2.40 m
  • Displacement: 1,360 kg
  • Beds: 2
  • Motorization: 1×150 hp
  • Fuel tank :160 l

The current price on the market is 40 thousand depending on the year (2018) and condition.

Quicksilver Activ 645 Cabin
Quicksilver Activ 645 Cabin

Beneteau Flyer 750 Convertible

Small large open with good cockpit habitability. Its hull performs well even when the sea turns bad. It has a sporty line, with the sides narrowing slightly from the bow toward the stern. The bow section is equipped with a V-shaped settee, which can be converted into a sundeck. The center console leaves two convenient passages free at its sides and is served by two seats for pilot and co-pilot. Along the transom a settee hides storage spaces inside. The stern is high on the water: for this reason Beneteau mounted a long ladder to facilitate climbing from the water. At the bow, however, the stanchion opens to leave a clear passage for climbing up and down to land. The hull is designed to achieve smoothness on the wave and thus increase sailing comfort in any sea situation.

Boat specifications: Beneteau Flyer 750 Convertible

  • Loa: 7.20 m
  • B.max: 2.51 m
  • Displacement: 2,005 kg
  • Motorization: 300 hp
  • Water tank: 100 l
  • Fuel tank: 280 l

The current price on the market is 20 thousand depending on the year (2012) and condition.

Beneteau Flyer 750 Convertible
Beneteau Flyer 750 Convertible

Mingolla Brava 22 WA

Very versatile open boat that offers many of the advantages of small day cruisers and a small cabin. Brava 22 WA reveals some aesthetic care, as seen in the color choice of the hull, but it also denotes good design architecture in general. The cockpit has a settee that runs along the entire transom, except for the extreme port section, where an access gap is created to the swim platform. The latter turns out to be usable in almost its entire width: the outboard motor is in a more rearward position, thus going to free up more usable area. Added to this is another peculiarity. In fact, without compromising the exterior line, the shipyard was able to equip the boat with a cabin fitted out with a double berth, refrigerator, and pop-up toilet. In this way, the Brava 22 WA becomes an ideal open to also spend vacations taking beautiful cruises along the coast.

Boat specifications: Mingolla Brava 22 WA

  • Loa: 6.42 m
  • B.max 2.38 m
  • Displacement: 1,050 kg
  • Places: 8
  • Motorization: 1×200 hp

The current price on the market is 25 thousand depending on the year (2016) and condition.

Mingolla Brava 22 WA
Mingolla Brava 22 WA


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