Used boats: four 12-13 meter Express Cruisers


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Monterey 415 SY Sport Yacht
Monterey 415 SY Sport Yacht

Why choose an Express Cruiser? Because it is the best choice for those looking for a used boat that offers sleek design, sporty performance and comfortable cabins for long cruises. They are of exhilarating performance, suitable for long weekend cruising. Some Express Cruisers focus more on sports performance, while others emphasize luxury and cabin comfort. We chose 4 used ones in an intermediate size range of 12-13 meters.

Boats used: four of medium size

Monterey 415 SY Sport Yacht

With its top model, the Monterey shipyard aims to offer comfort, with excellent interior volumes, but also lots of fun, with an Express Cruiser that is exhilarating to pilot, but still easy and safe to maneuver. Monterey’s flagship is dedicated to those seeking a complete Express Cruiser in every aspect, from comfort to performance to easy maneuverability. Indeed, it is a boat that appears compact on the outside, but on board offers layouts of great habitability, both on deck and on the lower deck. When it comes to performance, however, the 415 SY Sport Yacht exults in the way it reacts readily to controls, with the confidence that it is always in control of the boat.

A passageway more than half a meter wide in the transom facilitates access to the cockpit, where there is a large C-shaped settee that runs along the starboard broadside. In front is a bar area with a refrigerator and small grill. A nice lounging area is also provided in the bow, where there is a sofa/chaise longue adjacent to the pilot’s station, which is designed, in addition to lounging, to allow several people to sit comfortably. The dashboard is comfortable, in a high position and perfectly organized.

Below deck, one immediately notices great habitability and a very cozy atmosphere. The layout is based on dark wood essences contrasted with light-colored upholstery, all enhanced by precise and well diffused lighting. Heights are everywhere such that you never have to lower your head, and sofa seats are deep and stiff enough to provide support and comfort. The below-deck room layout includes the midship saloon, with dinette and full galley; the forward master cabin, with closet, TV, lockers, and bathroom with separate shower compartment; and the aft cabin with two single beds, TV, and private bathroom.

Boat features: Monterey 415 SY Sport Yacht

  • Loa: 12.50 m
  • B.max: 3.80 m
  • Displacement: 9,980 kg
  • Beds: 4+2
  • Motorization: 2×500 hp
  • Water tank: 285 lt
  • Fuel tank: 1,250L

The current price on the market is about 250-300 thousand a euro depending on the year (2011) and condition.

Monterey 415 SY Sport Yacht
Monterey 415 SY Sport Yacht

Performance 1307

It features pulled and aggressive lines, a highly reliable hull, and breathtaking performance. The 1307 was the yard’s first Performance model also offered in a hard top version. With a sleek profile, it has soft, yet pulled and firm lines. This is an ideal boat for cruising, but with that extra edge that allows excellent performance in total safety, even in rough seas.

The cockpit is furnished with a spacious L-shaped sofa and a coffee table with an extendable top. Opposite is a wet bar with sink, countertop and refrigerator, set up to accommodate an ice maker as well. The base of the cabinet also houses a small ottoman that allows the dinette to be expanded. The driver’s station, on the starboard side, has two comfortable seats with riser seating and a dashboard designed to give the pilot and co-pilot immediate readability of all instrumentation, even at high speeds. The aft surface, ideal for sunbathers, conceals the garage for the tender.

Reserved for the owner is the forward cabin with a double berth, storage compartments along the bulwarks, a hanging closet (whose unusual height also allows ladies to hang clothes) and drawers in the bed base. Guests, on the other hand, can count on an aft cabin, tucked under the cockpit, with double berths arranged by beam, a man-high vestibule, a closet, and a two-seat sofa. In the center, the square offers a comfortable dinette for four, which can be converted for overnight seating on occasion, with an L-shaped sofa served by a coffee table, adjustable in height by an electric control. Opposite, along the starboard broadside, is the compact but functional galley. The toilet room has a separate shower compartment.

Boat features: Performance 1307

  • B.max: 3.42 m
  • Displacement: 8,100 kg
  • Beds: 4+2
  • Motorization:2×375 hp
  • Water tank: 230 l
  • Fuel tank: 1,400 l

The current price on the market is about 400-450 thousand a euro depending on the year (2013) and condition.

Performance 1307
Performance 1307

Prestige 390 S

This French open offers modern styling and excellent usability, especially on deck, but also in the cozy lower deck. The very topical design makes it an Express with great appeal. The Prestige 390 bears the unfailing signature of Italian architect Vittorio Garroni Carbonara. This Express Cruiser presents a look in line with the latest styling trends and includes design solutions of great utility. The living work was conceived by American Michael Peters, who has also previously worked on the hulls of other successful Prestiges. In terms of engines, the Prestige 390 S makes use of two 320-horsepower Cummins, coupled to stern feet.

Among the most interesting and innovative features of the model are the two dinettes on deck that actually create two cockpits with two separate living areas, the aft one of which can be converted into a sunbathing area. Incidentally, such a solution also offers the freedom to choose whether to dine outdoors, in the aft dinette, or in a shaded area, under the shelter of the hard top, which can be opened electrically. In addition, a large transparent deck, positioned next to the control console, projects light captured by the windshield into the below-deck square. It should be noted that the spacious cockpit does not at all compromise the space reserved for the garage to store the tender.

The lower deck offers two staterooms and the saloon, with the classic layout having the owner’s stateroom in the bow, the guest cabin in the stern, and the saloon in the middle of the boat. There is only one bathroom, but it has two entrances, one of which directly serves the owner’s cabin. The interiors are distinguished by the choice of warm-colored wood that not only characterizes the furnishings, but also fully covers the dunnage and bulkheads.

Boat features: Prestige 390 S

  • Loa: 11.92 m
  • 3.89 m
  • Displacement: 75.00 kg
  • Beds: 6
  • Motorization: 2×320 hp
  • Water tank: 320 l
  • Fuel tank: 920 l

The current price on the market is about 160 thousand to euro depending on the year (2011) and condition.

Prestige 390 S
Prestige 390 S


Rio Yachts 42 Art

It doesn’t get more open than that. There is no corner in the cockpit that cannot be used to relax in the sun or be in good company. Even the below-deck square is a large living room projected outward. A great thoroughbred from the Rio Yachts shipyard is here in Art version. Those who know the Rio well know how much it is in the spirit of the shipyard to enhance its habitability, not only in terms of space, but also in terms of completeness of furnishings. Two elements that in the cockpit come together at their best, resulting in a very large open-air lounge, seemingly “empty,” but instead very complete and adaptable to different needs that arise during the day.

Let us not forget that we are aboard an open and it is in the cockpit that, those who choose this type of boat, want to spend most of their time. So here is an area of no less than 42 square meters, all in teak, in which to move around freely, without disturbing those sunbathing on the king-size sofa located in the bow or in the large L-shaped “lounge” positioned in the stern. An electric mechanism raises the portion of the dunnage in front of the aft sofa to create the table used to form a dinette. The table itself, when lowered to the level of the seat, transforms this area into a sundeck. There is also no shortage of kitchen cabinets.

The aft platform is so large that you can decide to go lie down right there and relax, especially since it is also submersible.

The special feature is the dinette area in the saloon, which can be converted into a two-bed guest cabin by means of a tilting system of the sofa and a retractable system of the dividing bulkhead. The rest of the below-deck layout follows the shipyard’s classic layout, which is two large en-suite cabins, including the VIP forward and the owner’s aft, which, gives two almost completely transparent bulwarks.

Boat features: Rio Yachts 42 Art

  • Loa: 13.22 m
  • B.max: 4.00 m
  • Beds: 4
  • Motorization: 2×330 or 370 hp
  • Water tank: 330 l
  • Fuel tank: 900 l

The current price on the market is about 100 thousand to euro depending on the year (2007) and condition.

Rio Yachts 42 Art
Rio Yachts 42 Art


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