Used inflatables: 5 thoroughbred sportsmen!


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Lomac Adrenaline 8.5


They have grown in size (from 6.60 to 9.00 meters) and as installable power (up to 2 225 HP motors). These well-built and finished inflatables wink at performance and sportiness. Their aggressive lines are as current as ever and they are ideal companions for sea adventures, sports, and fishing. We have chosen the top 5 among sporty models to look for bargain to ignite next summer with excitement.



Lomac Adrenaline 8.5

The name already hints at what kind of vehicle it is: in the wake of the Adrenalina 9.5, Lomac has produced a somewhat smaller model of this innovative series of inflatable boats: the Adrenalina 8.5. The features do not change: sportiness, comfort, safety, and a darting design, but this time in a size that makes it more agile and maneuverable.

This model, too, is designed to combine high sailing performance and maximum comfort for times at anchor: padded seats, sunbathing spaces, and large lockers. It is thus an inflatable boat in which sportiness, comfort and safety are encapsulated in a beautiful design with a very dynamic profile.

They can be found customized in the choice of colors of the cushions and tubulars, as well as the small tables built into the sun deck. The color palette is very wide and allows for an infinite number of combinations between interiors and exteriors.

The Adrenalina 8.5 can mount one or two outboard motors, for a maximum installable power of 1×350 or 2×225 respectively, but for a good combination of performance and fuel consumption, the shipyard recommends a configuration of 1×300 or 2×150 HP.

Boat Data Sheet: Adrenaline 8.5

  • Manufacturer: Lomac
  • LOA: 8.50 m
  • B.max: 2.90 m
  • Displacement: 1400 kg
  • Places: 16
  • Engine max: 1×350 or 2×225 HP


BWA 22 Sport GT

BWA 22 Sport GT


The 22 Sport GT is the most advanced product in BWA’s Sport range. Sport a sophisticated look and a complete set-up. The build quality of this inflatable boat is high and is a guarantee for those looking for a used boat. It benefits, in fact, from the production processes developed by the shipyard through the HP Reef series and its maxi inflatable boats. The GT acronym emphasizes enrichment with sportier two-tone tubulars, more ergonomic seats and furnishings, and more stylish accessories.

Versatility of use is a major plus that is particularly evident in the aft area. The C-shaped sofa provides two more seats than traditional rectangular benches; the crowning backrest reclines and turns the seat into a sundeck, while the two cylindrical cushions placed along the sides serve as both backrests and headrests when lying down. Finally, a small table can be installed in the center of the cockpit. Pilot seats and the one in front of the console bring the total number of seats to eight. In the bow is a second sundeck extendable to the console.

The ideal outboard for family sailing is a 115-hp motor, but one up to 200 hp can be installed. In 2013 it cost 22 thousand (without engine) and the availability is good.

Data Sheet of the boat: 22 Sport GT

  • Manufacturer: BWA
  • LOA: 6.65 m
  • B.max: 2.75 m
  • Displacement: 690 kg
  • Places: 13
  • Engine max: 1×200 HP
  • Water tank: 50 l
  • Fuel tank: 185 l


Flyer 660 Sportage


Flyer 660 Sportage


It has an attractive design, large sundeck spaces and a performance hull that, with 150 horsepower, allows it to fly at 42 knots. Christian Grande’s hand is behind the styling of the Flyer 660 Sportage. It is an inflatable boat that is immediately characterized by its decidedly wide bow, a solution that allowed for a considerable increase in sunbathing space.

At the production stage, it is shaped with robotic cutters and then completed with high-end finishes, starting with the steel-framed windshield and the console painted with a special product. The peaks are counter-molded, then finished with gelcoat inside them and insulated from the bilge. The hull, a historic strength of the shipyard, has a double face: comfortable on rough seas and fast in calm seas.

In tests conducted by Flyer, with a 150-horsepower outboard engine, the 660 Sportage reached a top speed of 42 knots, with a 10-knot glide entry. It cost 27,500 in 2013 and has maintained a good value over time.

Boat Data Sheet: 660 Sportage

  • Manufacturer: Flyer
  • LOA: 6.60 m
  • B.max: 2.54 m
  • Displacement: 780 kg
  • Places: 13
  • Engine max: 1×150 HP
  • Water tank: 60 l
  • Fuel tank: 200 l


Selva S900

Selva S900


It was born in a shipyard that has been making dinghies, motors and boats since time immemorial, and the S900 enjoys all this experience. It represented the flagship of the range, and on board you immediately notice the dinette with seating that runs around the perimeter of the aft area and can be transformed into a sundeck.

The Selva package offers a dual engine solution: 2 of 250 HP or 1 of 350 HP. The driver’s station is appreciated for its practical lumbar rest seat, in the structure of which a 42-liter refrigerator can be inserted, complemented by a cup rack. The bridge structure is well tapered and facilitates access to the forward sundeck, which is served by two handrails. A service cabin with an overhead door is built into its volume, and an electric toilet can also be mounted inside. Also under the forward sundeck is another large space used as a locker and very convenient for storing bulky equipment.

Completing the description are the bow pulpit with winch and the observation that, at least with the two engines, there is no space for a swim platform aft. The Selva S900 lends itself to long fast sailing, thanks to its deep-V hull. When new it cost 78,000 euros.


Boat data sheet: S900

  • Manufacturer: Selva
  • LOA: 9.00 m
  • B.max: 3.14 m
  • Displacement: 1600 kg
  • Places: 14
  • Engine max: 1×350 HP



Valiant 760 Comfort

Valiant 760 Comfort


Refined look, with possible package combinations among a wide range of Mercury outboards. Here are the prerogatives of the Valiant 760. Valiant, the brand linked to Mercury, has produced the Valiant 760, a totally revamped inflatable boat whose goal is to combine quality with an acceptable price (it cost 21 thousand euros), while also being appreciated for its quality of construction and technical and design solutions. This is another reason why the construction was entrusted to Arimar, a company with an established reputation, which produced only the fiberglass parts in Tunisia, while the rest of the rigging and assembly is done in Italy.

The Valiant 760 is part of the Comfort range and, as can be guessed from its name, has a more articulated set-up, compared to the other lines. It has a forward sundeck, a good amount of storage, both under the sun deck and taking advantage of the console and settee volumes, the structure of which is also used to set up a bar cabinet that can be accessorized with a grill, sink, and refrigerator.

The Valiant 760 is available with a wide range of Mercury outboards.

Data Sheet of the boat: 760 Comfort

  • Manufacturer: Valiant
  • LOA: 7.60 m
  • B.max: 3.00 m
  • Places: 14
  • Engine max: 1×300 HP




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