Verve 47, Azimut’s 4 outboard yacht that goes at 45 knots

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29 April 2019
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Azimut Verve 47

After the Verve 40, first yacht by Azimut with outboards, for its 50 years of life, the Avigliana shipyard introduces the Verve 47. It is a 14-metre yacht designed both indoors and outdoors by Francesco Struglia Design. Maximum speed? 45 knots!

American Beuty, but with a Mediterranean heart

On paper is a weekend designed for the American market, but capable of bewitching many Mediterranean shipowners.  This yacht was born following the line already traced by the Verve 40, the first outboard of Azimut, usually motorized with a triple 350 horsepower. The Verve 47, outboard with a maximum speed of 45 knots, stepped hull and particular geometry on the hull and sides, is its evolution.

Verve 47

In particular, the stepped hull, designed by designer Michael Peters, ensures a significant reduction in friction and remarkable performance, while preserving the size and proportions of the hull. Verve 47 presents a quadruple outboard motorization thanks to which it will be possible to reach a maximum speed of 45 knots.

The bow reinterprets the geometry of off-shore racing boats, while maintaining a 100% Azimut Yachts personality, while the hull windows go upwards to overcome and integrate with the falchetta. By widening the view of the helm on the sides, they also trigger a real connection with the sea, enhancing the driving experience.

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