Vetus Bow Pro, the silent and precise bow thruster | The top from the Miami Boat Show

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vetus boat

vetus boat

The Miami Boat Show 2019 is about to begin, from February 14 to 19. Let’s see some goodies from this show.

The innovative Bow Pro range, including the new Bow Pro Boosted, combines the technology of the Vetus electric thrusters with its RimDrive that looks very quiet, to ensure almost silent operation and proportional control of precision. Bow Pro engines are energy efficient, turning a good amount of energy into thrust, which means that the batteries need less power overall. In addition, its motors do not use any type of carbon brushes. The Bow Pro Boosted series also has the ability to charge engine batteries when the engine is not in use.

VETUS Maxwell - BOW PRO Boosted thruster

To sum up, the bow thruster is very quiet and has a potentially indefinite operating time! The induction motor (AC) is controlled by the Vetus MCV motor controller. This internal motor controller can handle 12V, 24V and AC motors, making the new bow thruster suitable for a wide range of boats!

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