Virtue V10 Open (9.9 m): this is the new 55-knot daycruiser from Virtue Yachts


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Virtue V10 Open
Virtue V10 Open

Entering the vibrant open market comes a new 9.9-meter “spider” setting, a new and agile daycruiser fast up to 55 knots. It is the Virtue V10 Open, an iteration of the earlier Virtue V10 (now renamed “Top”) but with an extra twist. The new V10 Open, in fact, a child of the growth of the Polish
Virtue Yachts
, represents the sportier soul of the segment, will be lighter, faster and will also accommodate Evoy electric propulsion options, for ranges of 70 knots at cruising speeds of 25 knots.

Virtue V10 Open

The V10 Open is, basically, the second creature from the “new” Polish shipyard, Virtue Yachts, which rose to notoriety with the previous V10 Top and strengthened by the hull development technology of Sweden’s Petestep, taken further with the V10 Open. A study of water lines focuses here, in fact, on the interaction between the hull and surface, where specially designed baffles direct glide sprays downward and toward the stern, harnessing the energy of these for a 10-30% reduction in drag, for the gain of 20-50% improved acceleration.

Qualities that consequently improve overall stability, as well as reduce fuel consumption. Solution that, when coupled with electric propulsion, in turn improves its range. The V10 Open, in fact, will be available both, yes, with dual 300 hp outboard motors per engine, but also with Evoy 120+ outboard motors.

Virtue V10 Open
Virtue V10 Open


Sans roof, that is, totally open. This is the first distinguishing feature of the V10 Open, designed in spider style to offer the ultimate experience. The lines and volumes then do the rest in giving it a true sporty look: vertical bow, sharp edges and sharp windshield, military style. Design choices that do not negate, however, the attention paid by the shipyard to on-board comfort and livability. Virtue Yachts is indeed a brand run by enthusiasts and committed to providing novel solutions, seeking out what the market does not yet have to offer. Thus, it is not surprising to see the attention paid to form solutions, directed toward maximizing surfaces.

Virtue V10 Open

Starting at the stern, just beyond the swim platforms outlining the engines, the V10 Open immediately welcomes with double bench seating facing a central table. A first convivial area set before the open air kitchen positioned just beyond. Also intervening to surround this area, however, are the collapsible bulwarks, a now-classic solution for increasing sump area. The pair of sofas, however, accomplice the table, is convertible in turn into an aft sundeck, thus maximizing the yield and versatility of this aft space.

V10 – Detail of the modular aft seat

Just past the open-air galley, however, two ergonomic seats serve the wheelhouse, protected by the windshield and facing the deckhouse just forward. Here, to take advantage of the raised volumes given by the cabin below, is a sundeck with backrest, the main relaxation area in the forward volume.

Virtue V10 Open

Virtue V10 Open – Interior

Virtue Yachts, as a brand, believes strongly in a boating industry populated by daycruisers, hulls suitable for daily going out, but versatile and complete enough to be usable for a full weekend, and a little more. With this in mind, complementing the autonomy provided by the open-air galley is a forward cabin, admittedly not suitable for cruising, but practical and usable for weekends away. A double berth, storage spaces and a separate toilet room are then located here.

Virtue V10 Open – Layout

Motorization and performance

Coming to the “engine room” aspects, the V10 Open offers three different propulsion configuration options. First, in its most “sporty” version, propulsion is provided by a pair of combustion outboards of 300 horsepower each. In this configuration, the V10 Open reaches top speeds of 55 knots. However, a single-engine version is also available, again outboard combustion-powered, for power up to 400 horsepower.

To meet, however, also the quest for sustainability toward which the market is moving, as well as the electrical requirements dictated by certain contexts, the new Virtue V10 Open also offers an electric propulsion option. Offering thrust in this case will be Evoy Breeze 120+ engines, electric outboards with a peak output of 185 horsepower, powered by two liquid-cooled IP67 batteries. In this case, facilitated by hull development technology, the range will be about 70 kilometers at 25 knots of cruising speed.

Virtue V10 Open – Data Sheet

Length Over All (LOA) 9.89 m
Length F.T with motor (Le) 9.89 m
Baglio Massimo (B.max) 2.9 m
Dive 0.74
Light displacement 2765kg (1 engine) / 3025kg (2 engines)
Construction material GRP
Dual motorization 2x 300 hp
Electric Motorization Evoy Breeze 120+ hp (peak power 185 hp)
Fuel Tank 420 lt.
Fresh Water Tank 100 lt.
Boardable persons 8
Yard / Contacts Virtue Yachts

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