Water toys: comes the “mini-compressor” even for small boats


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Atmos - Scanstrut - compressor
Atmos – Scanstrut – Installed in boat

Atmos is an electric compressor that installs directly on the deck and is used to inflate all the accessories you use on the boat. If inflating a small dinghy or toys–from Stand Up Paddle to wingfoil board to the more common “mats”–is something you do frequently, this accessory can come in very handy.

The electric compressor to have on the boat

“We need to inflate the SUP, where did the pump go? But didn’t we buy the automatic one?” With the new Atmos inflator manufactured by Scanstrut, there is no need to worry anymore. It is installed by recessing it into the deck (best at the stern, perhaps in the swim platform area) after which you simply set the pressure on the built-in display using the convenient buttons, connect the accessory you intend to inflate, and you’re done. You will no longer have to worry about using the hand pump, where the heck you put the compressor, and-if you even find it-having to plug it into a free outlet. The Atmos is always there ready to use, and when it is not used for more than three consecutive minutes, it turns itself off.

Atmos - Scanstrut
Atmos – Scanstrut

To get an idea of how much time you might save by using this electronic inflator, take a look at these figures that Scanstrut claims:

  • Time required to inflate an SUP from 3 to a pressure of 20 PSI: 7 minutes
  • Time required to inflate atowable water toy to a pressure of 1.5 PSI: 3 minutes
  • Time required to inflate a 4-square-meter platform to a pressure of 5 PSI: 16 minutes
  • Time required to deflate a 3-meter long SUP : 1 minute
  • Time required to deflate a towable water toy length: 1 minute
  • Time required to deflate a 4-square-meter platform at a pressure of 5 PSI: 1 minute

Atmos is capable of inflating up to 20 PSI (1.37 BAR) pressure, and in addition to the inflation operation, it is especially useful for the deflation operation. In fact, once you have finished using the toys or platforms, when you want to put the used accessories back into the aft garage or locker, it is really very convenient to be able to use an electronic aid to deflate them much faster.

Il volante da barca con il touchscreen (in vetro di Murano) integrato

Installation can take place anywhere there is space, either inside the side panels or directly in the console or seats. It is sufficient if there is at least 10 centimeters of cavity where Atmos is to be installed. It is powered through the 12V electrical system with a maximum current draw of 12A at the maximum power of 140W. Included in the package are several adapters (Boston valve, C7 valve, H3/HR valve, Pinch valve, 805 valve) that allow you to inflate most accessories, from boards to platforms. As for the hose on the other hand (also included in the package), it has a length of 2.5 m, allowing it to be inflated even directly in the water with the help of a second person on board.

Atmos has also been very popular at recent trade shows, so much so that it has even taken home awards. The inflator was awarded the DAME at the latest Mets in Amsterdam-the world’s most important exhibition dedicated to marine accessories-in the “Comfort & Entertainment” category and the IBEX (International BoatBuilders’ Exhibition) Innovation Award in the Mechanical Systems category.



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