We tested the Axopar 22, the 7-meter open of the moment – TEST


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Axopar 22 test
Axopar 22 Test

When it debuted in 2014, the first Axopar 28 surprised the market with an innovative combination of modular deck spaces combined with a deep-V hull with eye-catching-looking double redan. The latest addition to the yard is the brand new Axopar 22, launched in Helsinki, Finland, last November. Will the new boat live up to the other models in the Axopar range? I braved a very cold Helsinki to find out.

Axopar 22 Water Testing

Excellent value for money (the basic version costs only 49,000 euros, with a 115-hp outboard engine and 19 percent taxes included), an attractive purchase price, and a relatively low cost of ownership represent a direct response to Axopar’s effort to try to bring as many people as possible, often novices, into the boating world.

axopar 22 test

Another important feature is that, in many countries, the Axopar 22 can be legally towed by a powerful sedan, family car, or medium-sized SUV. The models of the Axopar 22 that we tested in Helsinki are the wind-in-the-hair, open cockpit, Spyder versions with walkaround side walkways. Although it may seem crazy to test a fully open boat in the middle of a northern winter, the yard offers the option of installing a full-length canvas canopy to protect the entire cockpit. Unfortunately, however, this option was not yet available while we were in Helsinki, so I cannot provide any comment on it.

Axopar 22 Test – Configuration

The steering wheel is on the left side, flanked by the two main front seats. The front of the seat cushion can be flipped back on itself for extra support behind the legs during standing driving. The seats are the same as the 28- and 37-foot models, capable of offering a high level of comfort and support. The driver’s console includes a Simrad multifunction touchscreen placed in front of the driver, with plenty of space around it for the possible installation of additional instruments.

The driver and front seat passenger are protected by a height-adjustable windshield, which I found very useful at any speed above 10 knots. I found that as long as I stayed hidden behind the windshield, I was fine. But with Helsinki’s temperatures just above freezing, I soon realized that as soon as I peeked out the windshield, the air was terribly cold! Finally, a large storage locker provides a raking storage capacity, cleverly covered by a pair of matching cushions that can quickly transform this large space into a sundeck.

Axopar 22 Test – At the helm (basic version)

The first boat I tried was the all-inclusive version, powered by 115-hp inline 4-cylinder Mercury engines. From the driving position,I found it quick and easy to reach all four corners of the boat, a useful feature when sailing without a crew. Reversing out of the berth was a piece of cake that gave me confidence and put me at ease almost immediately.

Once in the open sea, the hull remained perfectly stable as I gently increased the rpm. Balanced and predictable even in fast or tight turns, the boat gradually skids, but never to the point where it can feel out of control. Despite the very windy day, we did not experience any kind of shaking. And even in strong crosswinds, the hull remained extremely balanced and I never felt the need to compensate for crosswinds by adjusting the as- sect. At higher speeds, the passenger can find a comfortable handhold in the side handrail.

axopar 22 jobe
Axopar 22 Jobe

The 115-hp 4-cylinder engine is ideal for short distances, but the engine hum at high rpm becomes “intrusive” after a while.
I also tested the special edition Axopar x Jobe Revolve XX11 version, equipped with Mercury’s latest V6 200 HP four-stroke engine. No doubt the sound is much more pleasant than the 115-horsepower equivalent.

Axopar X Jobe
Water toys in the Jobe version

Between 3000 and 4000 rpm, the speed ranges from 16 to 27 knots. The top speed we recorded was 40 knots at 5300 rpm, with two adults on board. The generous supply of water toys makes the boat fun, ideal for family cruising.



Trial by Adam Fiander

Data Sheet of the boat: Axopar 22

  • LOA f.t. length: 7.2 m
  • Beam width: 2.23 m
  • Draught Draught: O.8 m
  • Weight Weight (approx.): 1,200 kg
  • People Passengers: 7
  • Serb. water Water tank: 00
  • Serb. fuel Fuel tank: 230 l
  • Engine Engine Power: 115-200 hp outboard
  • Vel. max max speed: 45 knots
  • Vel. croc. Gruis. speed: 27 knots
  • Project Plans Axopar + Navia Design
  • Hull hull design Navia Design
  • Shipyard Axopar

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Fuel Consumption and Performance Data:

Axopar 22 with Mercury Marine 115 HP 4-Cyl outboard engine I 2 adults on board







1000 3.5 2.5
2000 6.6 5.5
3000 9.7 11.1
4000 18.0 20.0
5000 26.2 31.0
5700 32.0 42.9


Original article appeared in Motor Boats No. 18




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