We tested the Sterk 31 (9.7 m), the new German 60-knot open


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While walking around Boot Düsseldorf 2023, one of the world’s most important boat shows, my eye fell on the new
Sterk 31
, making its absolute market debut at the German show. The sporty and muscular line, inspired by Scandinavian design, is only the surface of a series of elements including the fairing double-step which out of the water particularly stood out. Stepping aboard, some clever solutions were also immediately noticeable, such as the large forward cabin/bathroom, the presence of which is not trivial on a 30-foot open daytime vehicle and is an important plus compared to several competitors of the same size and performance. That model, capable of touching 60 knots, I had a chance to test in the water in front of Alcudia, Spain, in northern Majorca. Here’s how it went.

What we talk about:

Sterk 31 – Testing

Basic premise. The boat I got on was a prototype, very advanced, but prototype. So there are some solutions to be refined, but what I have seen overall is an already mature hull, and if serial production will obviate some details, there will be fun to be had. Powered by two outboards Yamaha V6 300 hp, totaling 600 total hp, the Sterk 31 I tested touched 55.5 knots while sailing at 5,500 rpm. In short, not bad numbers considering that in serial production the structure will be lightened considerably and the engines will also be optimized, working on the choice of propellers. With that little performance “spoiler” done, let’s go in order and first see how it is configured.

Sterk 31 – Blanket

On the deck, the first Sterk specimen features a large aft platform, which also embraces the two outboards sideways, and has a central walkway that allows it to move from side to side, despite the type of propulsion. Immediately abutting this area is an XL sundeck with a backrest that in the front becomes a sofa with no less than two refrigerators underneath.

Should these not be enough, refrigerated areas are also available under the two pilot and co-pilot seats. Aboard this boat it will be very difficult to run out of cold drinks. Returning for a second to the aft sundeck, raising it we find a double berth, complete with windows and enough room to sleep. A solution, this one, that did not fully convince me as a “cabin,” but instead represents a really great storage space. Different discussion if a cover were to be designed that leaves the tailgate effectively open, like a sort of cockchafer. Under consideration, however, are various options, and we will see what the shipyard will offer as options.

Very interesting already in the prototype, on the other hand, are the super-evolving and protected (even over 50 knots) bridge and the forward cabin/bathroom. The wheelhouse provides two seats that, when rotated, can converge to the aft sofa and with a removable table in between create a dining area. Regarding the bathroom, a thought was made: on board, when spending a whole day at sea, an area with privacy is also useful on an open, especially when there are groups of friends or couples on board.

Because of this, the space, starting from the access in the bow part of the console, is particularly large, as are the interior volumes. In this way it also fulfills well the function of a shipboard locker room. A second sunbathing area, which can be converted into a convivial area with a small table, has been created in the bow. To take advantage of all the space available, there is a U-shaped seat to which cushions are added on the inner broadside so that even when using this section while seated, it is comfortable.

Sterk 31 – How it navigates

How does this bolide navigate? Really great. Powered by two Yamaha 300 horsepower each, outboard, the hull conveys a feeling of absolute solidity and grip on the water. I tried it in breeze and short wave, in a somewhat choppy sea, to put it in English. Despite the fact that it was a prototype on board, no sinister noises, creaks or anything else can be heard even while sailing at 50 knots, and this alone proves the goodness of the construction process.


From the wheelhouse, behind the windshield, I had no problem speaking at an all-too-normal tone of voice even at high speeds, a sign that this area is really well protected. What is impressive, however, is the grip on water hand in hand with performance. Turns at nearly 40 knots, even tight, without feeling the boat drift away or lose grip. Credit to a steppable fairing with “hooks” on the skids that especially help with direction changes. The quality of the hull also emerges in terms of fuel consumption with a cruising speed of 35 knots where the boat consumes just over 70 liters per hour overall.

What can I say, if you are a performance enthusiast, as soon as you take the rudder in your hands and launch yourself on the water (remember the detachment and take a good look at what’s around you, always!) at full speed, you will definitely not be disappointed.

Gregorio Ferrari

Sterk 31 – Navigation Data

600 1.2 4.6
1000 5.8 10
1500 7.7 19
2000 11 35
2500 17.8 46.8
3000 27 55
3500 36 72
4000 41 105
4500 47 130
5000 52 190
5500 55.5 202

Sterk 31 – Data Sheet

Length Over All (LOA) 9.73 m (32 ft)
Baglio Massimo 2.99 m (9.8 ft)
Fishing with motors 0.84 m (2.8 ft)
Weight (without motors) 2,620 kg
Maximum Motorization Power max. = 2×300 hp
Cruising speed 30 kts
Peak speed 60 knots
Fuel tank 530 l
Fresh water tank 130 l
Cabins //
Sleeping places 2
WC 1
Classification CECat.B = 6 Pax
CECat.C = 9 Pax



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