Speaking of muscles! Mercury Racing 500R is the new 500hp V8 outboard


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The U.S. has been waiting for it for years, and this launch is poised to again catalyze attention to the outboard market. The new Mercury Racing 500R is a 500-horsepower supercharged engine that once again aims to raise the bar at the high end of the segment. Not only horsepower, but also new technologies, some of which are specially designed and a power-to-weight ratio that is unparalleled. How much does the new 500-horsepower Mercury Racing weigh? 726 pounds, or about 329 kg.

The 500R delivers over 500 horsepower, which is 50 horsepower and 10% more torque than the Mercury 450R Mercury Racing outboard range. The 4.6-liter 64° V8 engine is powered by a unique Mercury Racing signature supercharger and is designed to run on standard fuel.

Mercury Racing 500R

On a technical level, on this new Mercury 500R outboard, the supercharger boost pressure is increased by 26%. A new intake manifold allows for the necessary increased airflow while the diameter of the throttle body has also been increased by 15 percent, just as the inlet shape of the supercharger has been redesigned to improve flow. The density of the intercooler fins and the flow pattern have been optimized to improve efficiency.

Mercury Racing 450R: il fuoribordo da 450 cavalli ai raggi X

For the first time in a marine engine, a new sensor has been incorporated that measures the moisture level of the intake airflow and maintains the most aggressive calibration for maximum thrust at all times. In numerical terms, you will be able to see a significant increase in power under harsh and humid conditions with these engines, with up to 30 more horsepower than the power available without moisture compensation.

Mercury Racing 500R – R-Drive

Among the most important new features on the new Mercury 500R is the new R-Drive foot (or rather the two new feet), tailored for this engine. There is a classic and a sport version, both with a crescent profile and an elongated “torpedo” shape. The new 15 cm foot is compatible with propellers up to 17″ (43 cm) in diameter.

Mercury 500R R-Drive
Mercury 500R R-Drive

The basic version of R-Drive is designed to be efficient underwater and semi-surface on vessels capable of speeds between 85 and 100 mph.

Mercury Racing 500R R-Drive Sport

The R-Drive Sport version is optimized for very high-speed surface applications, primarily catamarans and high-performance center console boats capable of regularly reaching speeds in excess of 100 mph. It features a longer fin than the basic R-Drive version and is designed to hold control at extreme speeds.

Mercury 500R R-Drive Sport
Mercury 500R R-Drive Sport

The R-Drive Sport variant features a drive shaft made from avery high-strength aerospace stainless steel alloy, similar to the material used for the drive shafts of Mercury Racing M6 and M8 inboards. This alloy was specially chosen to better withstand the vibrations caused by loading and unloading a propeller at the surface.

Mercury Racing 500R – Advanced Racing Core

This engine installs the Advanced Racing Core (ARC), a new midsection system that improves longevity and performance. The transom plate has been redesigned to be stronger and 7 mounting holes allow the engine to be raised an additional 7.6 cm. The trim control system has been upgraded: the two main hydraulic pistons are combined with two new auxiliary pistons. Less stress on the main pistons and more precision even at full speed.

A new steering arm increases steering torque, combining with a stainless steel steering headstock and steering cylinder. Heavy-Duty slides are calibrated to stabilize the motor, ensuring better maneuverability at high speeds.

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The Mercury Racing 500R model is available in three colors: Phantom Black or Cold Fusion White are finished with Mercury Racing graphics and Devil Eye Red trim. For boaters who want a custom paint job, the 500R is also available as a ready-to-paint version in Phantom Black with no applied graphics or trim panel. Graphics and mask are included for application after custom painting.

For more information, visit the Mercury Marine website



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