When the boat is more comfortable than a house. Discover two unique boats


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The theme is this: is it possible to have a boat of about 14 meters that is more comfortable than a house?

At Milan Yachting Week – The virtual Boat Show we found the answer, visiting the virtual boat show and finding two boats that meet this requirement. Perfectly. We chose and visited, and urge you to do so now as well, the Linseen 450 AC Variotop (m. 13.75 x 4.65) and the Beneteau Swift Trawler 47 (m. 14.74 x 4.50).

Linseen the Nordic boat/house

What these two boats have in common is the fact that they are born with the primary purpose of living aboard as comfortable as in a beach house, but without sacrificing the fact that you are on a boat that must sail well in any sea. And both the Linseen 450 AC Variotop and the Beneteau Swift Trawler 47 are derived from boat types that were born for this very purpose. The Linseen 450 AC Variotop is one of the best examples of a Nordic boat also used as a home that has evolved to Mediterranean use.

The Beneteau Swift Trawler 47 is the modern evolution of the trawler, a North American work boat where people lived aboard for a long time while going ocean fishing. It is now a real motoryacht.

We compare them and invite you to visit them.

Linseen 450 AC Variotop

If you want to appreciate a boat that will never become obsolete, that will last a lifetime and more, then the Linseen 450 AC Variotop is the right boat for you. Starting with the fact that the hull is made of aluminum (the ultimate in strength, maintenance-free, easy repair). To continue with its line that is a great classic, to end with the fact that it is a displacement boat, that is, not a planing boat. Her cruising speed is around eight knots, maxing out at 10 knots…she is made for people who like to sail and want to admire the scenery and are not in a mad rush to get there as quickly as possible. Its consumption, of course, is ridiculous and its range is over 500 miles. You only need to see here

The video that makes you realize what kind of boat/home is the Linseen 450 AC Variotop and what qualities and ingenious solutions they are capable of achieving in this famous Danish shipyard.


Beneteau Swift Trawler 47

At Beneteau, visiting the Swift Trawler 47 will give you an insight into how the French shipyard has evolved the original trawler concept, creating a boat that has space and layout from a beach house while evolving it to make it a true small superyacht. On this boat one can sail in semi-displacement mode at 13/14 knots, but even higher speeds can be achieved while maintaining a very high cruising range. The beauty of the characteristic trawler line has remained intact, but on the Swift Trawler 47 there is a beautiful fly and a large swim platform. Just like on a motoryacht. Inside there is space, lots of space — just like in a beach house.

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All you have to do is visit these two extraordinary boats/homes on the sea and ask questions and further info, just click on the email request for the Linseen 450 AC Variotop to the importer Sail Passion and for the Beneteau Swift Trawler 47 to Settemari. I am available to provide you with insights into these two boats with unique characteristics.

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