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Finding a seaside villa nowadays is definitely a difficult task. How to do it? With a boat, which in many ways can be even much better than a house. At Milan Yachting Week – The Digital Boat Show find seven motor yachts that are no match for the most prestigious villas built on the sea, but on land!

Here are six not-to-be-missed proposals for special boats that are seaside villas.


Beneteau Grand Trawler 62

It is the brand-new Beneteau Grand Trawler 62 (18.95 x 5.45 m. x 5.35), making its world premiere at our digital boat show-the boat to see now to understand how a boat becomes a villa. What did those geniuses at the French shipyard, the largest in the world, do?

Bénéteau Grand Trawler 62

They relied on two Italians, Massimo Gino of Nauta yachts and Amedeo Migali of MICAD, asking them to make something never seen before, with one goal: to make a boat just over 18 meters long that was beautiful and big like a seaside villa and as safe and efficient as a long-distance boat. And to make it beautiful, too.

Beneteau Grand Trawler 62 – Click HERE

Fountaine Pajot Power 67

For those who want to go overboard, to be able to tell friends “I have one of the most beautiful seaside villas in the Mediterranean,” here is the Fountaine Pajot Power 67 (m. 19.69 x 9.84).

The power of the Fountaine Pajot Power 67, combined with the hull design, allows for incredible cruising speeds. It offers a generous space of “5-star” luxury comfort that is both bold, modern and incredibly stylish.

Fountaine Pajot – MY67

We forgot, the Fountaine Pajot is a catamaran. Fountaine Pajot is considered the inventor of these boats that, just like SUVs, have basically doubled the space in a boat for the same length. How? By taking advantage of the extra width that comes from having the hulls become two, at either end of the boat. In between is a structure suspended over the water that doubles the usable space on board.

Fountaine Pajot Power 67 – Click HERE


Pardo Endurance 60

Pardo Endurance 60 (m. 18.00 x 5.10) is a preview of our digital boat show. Manufactured strictly in an impeccably crafted manner with ample opportunities for customization. The new Pardo Endurance 60 can be compared to very high-end SUV cars such as Mercedes and Porsches.

Pardo Endurance 60

With the Pardo Enedurance 60 comes one of those boats that revolutionizes the concept of a “trawler,” those boats born for long sailings, to stay aboard at all times as if you were on your seaside villa. Lots and lots of space in 60 feet. To realize this, we recommend that you watch the Pardo Endurance 60 video now of why this boat has “that certain something.”

Pardo Endurance 60 – Click HERE


Sunseeker Manhattan 68

Sunseeker Manhattan 68 (m. 21.10 x 5.26) Sunseeker’s big new addition premiering at the Digital Motor Boat Show .This 68-foot fly, the Sunseeker Manhattan 68, has all the ingredients to renew the success of Sunseeker’s fly range, which has made history in motor boating, making it famous worldwide.

Sunseeker Manhattan 68 is the perfect boat for living and sailing like on a seaside villa, but on the go.

sunseeker manhattan 68

Three tidbits from the Sunseeker Manhattan 68:

– The Sunseeker Beach Club, the aft platform/terrace, with improved features including a dedicated water-level storage locker with built-in charging for two SeaBobs, making entering the water a breeze!

The fully equipped aft galley with large dinette that seamlessly connects to the cockpit via full-width sliding doors.

The full-beam master cabin, with optional chaise longue, sofa, storage room or breakfast table.

Sunseeker Manhattan 68 – Click HERE

Franchini Mia 63

Franchini Mia 63 (m. 19.20 x 5.24) as a sporty villa born to be experienced while stationary in port but also to be enjoyed while anchored in the world’s most beautiful bays.

You can choose it in various versions:

Mia 63 T-Top and later versions Mia 63 Open, Mia 63 Hard Top and Mia 63 Sport Fly

Mia 63, is not only this, it also has an attractive design, timeless precisely, and also has a myriad of ingenious solutions that are the result of great experience. And spectacular yet rational outdoor and indoor spaces .

Franchini MIA 63 T-Top

Born from the ingenuity ofMassimo Franchini, one of the greats of Italian shipbuilding in the world, he is the inventor of the Italian-style lobster, which everyone later copied. The unique feature of Franchini’s boats has always been that they are those rare boats that do not go out of fashion and do not age. And that is no small thing.

Franchini Mia 63 – Click HERE

Toy Marine 68:

Toy 68 (m. 20.46 x 5.30) is an example of an exclusive seaside villa, where timeless design and the class it exudes are the distinguishing features.

In Toy 68 you will find satisfaction if you like aclassically inspired motoryacht , with its sleek lines it is sure to captivate true yachting enthusiasts. A unique motor boat that conveys safety, efficiency and great quality from a structural point of view.

toy 68

Toy 68 is customizable in the interior, as if you vaste an architect at your disposal. You can choose various alternatives for the general layout and cabins. However, there is room on board to accommodate a large number of guests.

Discover Toy Marine 68 – Click Here

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