When tradition and cruising meet: here comes Apreamare Gozzo 38 Cabin (11.45 m)


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Gozzo 38 Cabin
Gozzo 38 Cabin

The gozzo, a classic of the Mediterranean and, even more, of our own tradition. A classic that, increasingly, is being revisited, restyled and upgraded. A salient name on this front is undoubtedly Apreamare, a Neapolitan shipyard that has always been linked to the legacy of the Sorrentine gozzo. And now, after the great successes of his Gozzo 25 Speedster and 35 Cabin, the Shipyard presents and launches the latest creature designed in line with tradition: the Gozzo 38 Cabin, an 11.45-meter cabin cruiser that, although strong with a variable geometry hull and 30 kn speed, does not lose that style and lines that have made gozzo great all along our coastal strip, and beyond.

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Apreamare Gozzo 38 Cabin

Designed to be usable in every season, the new addition to Apreamare is the brainchild of Cataldo Aprea and the marriage of Marco Casali’s pencil and the skills of engineer Umberto Tagliavini, aiming to offer even better comfort, volume and performance than what has been offered in the past. The interior volumes are, in fact, expanded here, as well as protection and deck habitability are improved, creating a complex all-season And capable of accommodating up to 4 people in two double cabins. Motorization and performance are in turn remarkable, with autonomies exceeding 200 miles At the highest engine speeds. While waiting to see it “live” at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2024, you can find out a preview in the following lines.

Gozzo 38 Cabin
Gozzo 38 Cabin

Gozzo 38 Cabin – Exterior

Soft lines, a high deckhouse running toward the bow, and a wide, aft platform are the elements that, immediately, strike one when looking at the new Gozzo 38 Cabin. The use of woods and curves, in fact, immediately recall the volumes of the Sorrento tradition, here balanced with the needs of the contemporary and innovation. First element, in this regard, is the pilot house on deck, high and well protected, as well as complete with a cantilever roof to protect the cockpit, the convivial hub of the outdoors.

the new Gozzo 38 Cabin by Apreamare

Just beyond the (particularly large) swim platform, in fact, this 38-footer immediately greets with dedicated spaces for conviviality in a cockpit complete with a C-shaped sofa with a retractable center table. Here, in addition to enjoying the view and navigation, the design also aims to provide a sheltered hangout while sailing, open, yes, to the elements, but shielded from both the cabin and the bimini that can be installed if needed.

The cockpit of the Gozzo 38 Cabin, here with the hidden table

Just opposite the sofa, two glass doors lead into the interior, while, two well-protected walkways, complete with handrails, lead to the bow, the quintessential lounge area. Here, in fact, the raised deckhouse not only provides more volume to the areas below deck, but simultaneously accommodates a large sundeck with an integrated sofa. A second open space to fully enjoy the sea in relaxation.

In the bow, the sofa and sundeck are recessed in the deckhouse. Aft, protected by a retractable bimini, sofa and table create an outdoor convivial area

Gozzo 38 Cabin – Interior

As the name suggests, of course, the Apreamare Gozzo 38 Cabin is not only looking at outdoor living. Indeed, the aim of the project is to offer a hull that is simultaneously heir to tradition, but also consonant with the needs of cruising and the contemporary. Wanting therefore to be usable both as a weekender and as a small cruiser, aboard the Gozzo 38 we inevitably find two cabins and a galley area, structured according to a layout aimed at optimizing every cubic centimeter of space.

Gozzo38 Cabin – Flatbeds

First, a kitchen area consisting of a refrigerator, sink and stove is located on the deck level, mirrored on the left by a convivial area with a sofa and coffee table, which can also be used as a dining space. Just beyond the galley, however, the wheelhouse takes its place, with access to the below deck just to the side.

Portion of the salon of the Gozzo 38 Cabin. At left, the kitchen area, just behind the wheelhouse

Making up the sleeping area, the first space one encounters is a hallway complete with countertops and storage spaces. This leads, forward, to the master cabin, the bulkier of the two on board and complete with a double bed and closets and storage lockers. The second cabin, however, is aft, accessible just to the left of the stairs and equipped, in turn, with a double bed. Finally, in the middle of the boat takes poto, the shared toilet, complete with sink and shower room.

Master Cabin

Motorization and Performance

To conclude this preview, the indispensable overview related to the engine room. In this case, Apreamare offers two distinct engine options: the choice falls on a pair of Volvo Penta D4-270 DPI engines, or, on a pair of Volvo Penta D4-320 engines with Axle Line Drive. Depending on the choice, performance and autonomies change, of course, with the PPE capable of top speeds of 30 knots (autonomy at 30kn, 208 mn), while, for the shaftline, 28 knots (autonomy at 28 knots, 114 mn). In any case, the capacity of the tanks does not change, with a total of 700 liters of embarkable fuel.

Looking at the hull, however, although true to the tradition of the Sorrentine gozzo, the Apreamare Gozzo 38 Cabin features a variable geometry design with support skids. Water lines designed so that it can be enjoyed even in rough sea conditions and in settings that are not necessarily Mediterranean. Indeed, the first model launched is, precisely, intended for the northern seas. A detail that well underscores Apreamare’s intention to offer a truly all-season hull.

Data Sheet

Length Over All (LOA) 11.45 m
Length at Waterline (LWL) 9.64 m
Maximum beam 3.7 m
Fishing (empty) 0.94 m
No-load displacement 8 t
Full load displacement 10 t
Fairing (type) Variable-geometry and support skids
Motorization A 2x Volvo Penta D4-270 DPI (199kW at 3500 rpm)
Speed (A) Cruise: 25 knots | Maximum: 30 knots
Motorization B 2x Volvo Penta D4-320 Axle Line (235 kW at 3600 rpm)
Speed (B) Cruise: 23 knots | Maximum: 28 knots
Range of autonomy (A & B) A: 217 mn at 25 kn; 208 mn at 30 kn

B: 202 mn at 28 kn; 144 mn at 28 kn.

Fuel Tank Capacity 700 lt.
Fresh Water Tank Capacity 200 lt.
Cabins 2
Sleeping places 2+2
Bathrooms 1
Boardable passengers 14
EC Navigation Category B
Contact www.apreamare.it




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