Why have an appraisal done before buying a used boat? Watch this video


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buying a used boat
Magellan 50

One of the best ways to be able to spend your time peacefully, going to sea according to your needs, is to buy a used boat. Finding the perfect boat for one’s needs, however, is another matter, one that can sometimes be more complicated than expected. To help you through the process, we have created a series of videos with “practical” tips for coping well with the decision.

Buying a used boat – The appraisal

We have made a video guide especially for you so that we can help you in the choice and process, in short, a series of tips and tricks to make your life easier. In the previous articles, starting with the basics, we have addressed the issues related to related
“the choice”
“the budget”
” the active search”
“the inspection of boats for sale”
e “the purchase negotiation.” Now, having found the boat you want to buy and gotten the go-ahead from the seller, a second, somewhat important phase takes over: the appraisal. In the video below you will find all our suggestions about this.


Why request an appraisal

This episode gravitates to a key preliminary factor: you have found the boat you want to buy and your proposal to buy has been successful. Well, if you want to, the deal is done but, before closing the deal, it is actually worth protecting yourself and having an appraisal done. No problem compared to a preliminary purchase, just include the clause indicating that your commitment to buy is contingent on the successful completion of the appraisal.

In practical terms, this will involve conducting analyses on the condition of the boat, such as hull and rudder. Among many things, in fact, the presence of any moisture in the hull will be searched for, the presence of signs of repaired claims and therefore not visible to the naked eye, and, among many other things, valves and through-hulls will be examined for the presence of oxidation. In short, an appraiser will do checks that would otherwise be difficult to conduct by “less experienced hands,” which is why his or her visit will be so important and will help you in making a more informed choice. Watch the video for all the details.

At this point, thinking that the boat survey was successful, in the next installment we will discuss the bureaucratic procedures, and thus, the transfer of ownership! Follow the Motor Boats Youtube channel to make sure you don’t miss the next video. We will continue to explain each move in detail, helping you in your choice.

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