Will the first floating village be born in 2022? Maybe so, with these “Italian” pyramids.


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Anyone who loves the sea has at least once entertained the idea-with pros and cons attached-of living by the sea. There are a variety of solutions for settling on a water house, from those that are dockside and not designed for boating to a classic motor boat, which, however, in many cases is uncomfortable in terms of livability 365 days a year. Few, however, imagined going to live on a floating village in the middle of the sea.

Today, with advances in technology and the desire to make an environmentally sustainable change to the world we live in engineers and designers are working to create zero-impact concepts. One of them is particularly marine and it is Waya, by the Italian firm Lazzarini, and it is a kind of “offshore” village with hotels, cinemas, bars and everything that exists today for leisure built in the middle of the sea capable of being self-sufficient and in total respect for the environment. The basic structure is a motor-driven “catamaran” to improve stability and thus the possibility of living in it, with a base from which a kind of pyramid starts: however, do not think of Egypt, because the inspiration for this project is a melting pot between Mayan architecture (the “W “of Waya rotated becomes the “M” of Maya) and Japanese culture with the very famous Japanese temples.

Waya pyramids: this is what they will look like

The project, which is still in its infancy, envisions the Waya pyramids to be built by assembling different parts, on the base we mentioned earlier whose dimensions should be about 54×54 meters (in the largest version) with about 3,000 square meters available. On this “floor” the floors should rise up to the tenth for a total area of 6500 qudri meters. On the ground floor (or rather “water”) there is a landing for motor boats and general naval units. The details of this futuristic project, born in crowd finding, are still unclear, and it has set a not-too-distant date of 2022 as the time limit for having the first pyramid ready: 2022. There are still plenty of doubts, from the geographic “location” of these floating villages to the relationship with the surrounding environment: the sea, it is known, is often unpredictable. We will see in 2022 how far this project has come.



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