With these accessories you always have water and hot (or cold) air in the boat


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Facilities - Accessories
Facilities – Accessories

Water for washing and washing the boat, for cooking, even water for drinking. There are several systems that allow you to be fully independent-from ports and marinas-even when you are on a boat. For example, by installing a desalinator and a purifying filter And how do you get warm air useful for dealing with the cold of winter inside your boat? Simple, with a heater that connects directly to the tank and on-board batteries!

Eberspächer – Airtronic Heater

Eberspächer - Airtronic Heater
Eberspächer – Airtronic Heater

Airtronic heaters connect to the boat’s fuel tank and battery, draw in fresh air and heat it by sending it into the cabins. They have very low consumption and are also useful for eliminating, with dry air, bad odors.

Autoclave pump with Smart Sensor – Marco

boat accessories Hydraulic pump - Marco
Hydraulic pump – Marco

Marco’s integrated flange autoclaves offer high performance even for extended periods and under extreme conditions. Thanks to the smart sensor, they are able to regulate the flow rate by varying the motor revolutions according to water demand.

Schenker – Wiki

Schenker - Wiki
Schenker – Wiki

This desalinator makes it possible to have fresh water on board without having to install a bulky and heavy machine. It produces 30 liters per hour, is powered by 12V and has a power consumption of less than 110 watts. It measures 71.5 x 22.8 cm and weighs 26 kg.

Purificator 300 LED – Osmosea

Purificator 300 LED - Osmosea
Purificator 300 LED – Osmosea

One accessory, four filters: activated carbon filter, sediment filter, alkalizing filter, and UVC LED germicidal lamp. It connects easily to the on-board faucet and delivers 2.5 liters per hour of purified water ready to drink.

Steamwash – Foresti & Suardi

boat accessories Steamwash - Foresti & Suardi
Steamwash – Foresti & Suardi

Deck shower with mirror-polished stainless steel column structure and silicone hand shower with 2.5-meter hose. The built-in mixer saves space, as does the non-invasive mounting flange. Size: 52 x 15.4 cm.

Boat Accessories. Overboard discharge with hose holder – Guidi SRL

Overboard discharge with hose holder - Guidi
Overboard discharge with hose holder – Guidi

The drain is part of the Guidi System (along with sea inlet, valve and filter, plus fittings) that allows water to flow in and out of the boat. The system was developed by Guidi to run on-board hydraulics.

Velair – Compact 7SC

Velair - Compact 7SC
Velair – Compact 7SC

Air conditioning unit with dual function of cooling and heating with heat pump. It measures 43 x 26 centimeters, weighs 23 kilograms, and can be controlled-as well as from the touchscreen control panel-through the smartphone app.

Doride Y – Inox Style

Doride Y - Inox Style
Doride Y – Inox Style

Very elegant outdoor shower, which is distinguished by fine lines and minimalist design. Constructed of marine grade stainless steel, Doride Y is available either as a single body or divisible into two parts to minimize the space occupied.

Boat Accessories. Shower 7080GAPC – Elka


boat accessories Shower 7080GAPC - Elka
Shower 7080GAPC – Elka

Collapsible and removable column that allows a shower to be installed-and used-on deck only when needed. The system is made of carbon fiber and folds down very conveniently to the height of the mixer. The shower head is included.



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