With these platforms you bathe without worrying about jellyfish!


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There is nothing more beautiful than a dip in the sea that can only be reached by boat. But does anyone have the terror of jumping where the sea is darker and unknown, sometimes out of a simple fear: that of coming into contact with fish, or more often with the jellyfish. Fortunately, there is a remedy as simple as it is effective: create a net to protect during bathing!


Jellyfish phobia? Here is the product for you

Sooner or later it happens to everyone to have a bath ruined by jellyfish, fascinating but quite annoying creatures that unfortunately in some years crowd our seas. Some people, and it is not just the little ones, have a real phobia of swimming, especially far from the shore, for fear of being “attacked” by jellyfish, fish or other sea inhabitants. Here, if you are the one who fears the stinging stings of pink tentacles, or if it is the guests you often have on board, here we give you a solution. To take a protected swim, simply buy an inflatable pool, a kind of floating platform with a protective net that goes down into the sea and is held in place by a system of weights.

Buy the one best suited to your boat

There are several products on the market with this feature, which are also becoming increasingly popular in the Mediterranean. If you have a small to medium boat, the best solution is.
this pool from Jobe
, which measures 4m x 4m and allows adults and children to have fun safely. For a less sporty and more luxurious solution suitable for larger boats, the recommended purchase is.
Yachtbeach’s 6m x 4m swimming pool
, with a teak-looking finish. And if, on the other hand, you are just looking for a solution to expand (or create) your boat’s aft swim platform,
this one is great as a bathing platform
this one can also be used as a docking station
, for example for a jet ski!

At boatique.com you can find everything you need in boating

Undecided about the purchase? Just think that there are so many models available. The best ones you can buy directly within
, where you can also find many other gadgets and products for the boat and beyond.



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