World Water Day: the decalogue to follow not to kill the sea


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Today is March 22. What better occasion than World Water Day (established since 1992) to remind us that the health of the sea depends on us? And that, as we reported some time ago, the Mediterranean Sea is also being killed, amid tons of plastic and dolphin slaughter?

We often hear that there is nothing we can do, that the “powerful people up there” are to blame. False. Or rather, not entirely true: revolutions start from small things, as someone wrote. And a small big thing would be to respect the eco-navigator’s decalogue drawn up by the Federvela. Happy reading!


1. Reduce the amount of waste you produce
-Before stowing items on board, remove their packaging and deposit them in the appropriate bins.
-Choose biodegradable, easily stowable and larger capacity packages.
-In the Marina venue, it is better to use a water dispenser than individual bottles.
-In the boat it is better to bring your own water bottle than individual bottles.

2. Make separate waste collection
-Tell those who come boating with you where the recycling bins are located in the harbor.
-Do not disperse solvents, paints, waste oil, batteries and others into the environment

3. Recycle as much as possible
-If you do not use your water bottle for drinking, it is best to always finish the contents of the bottle and not leave it halfway to open another one. Reuse the bottle by refilling it or, if you no longer need it, throw it in the dumpster reserved for plastic

4. Uses water responsibly
-In the
Marina building, adopts shower timing systems.
-Reduce the power of the hose jet for washing boats and equipment
-Do not use drinking water to wash boats, better well or rainwater.
-If you have sand on your equipment or clothes, remove it by submerging the equipment in the sea and then, use a container full of fresh water, avoiding running water

5. Do not pollute the sea with soaps and oils
biodegradable shampoos and bubble baths.
-Use biodegradable equipment cleaning detergents.

6. Do not throw cigarette butts into water or sand
-Considers the importance of not giving diseducational messages to young people and tries not to smoke in their presence
-If you can’t help but smoke, remember to carry a pocket ashtray with you, where you can store your filters when you finish your cigarette

7. Make responsible use of the engine
-Maintenance of the engine is important for its proper operation.
-Avoid oil and/or fuel leaks
-Beware of spilling fuel into water when refueling
-Limits speed, fuel consumption decreases.
-Turn off the engine when the vehicle is stationary, thus avoiding breathing in the exhaust of burned fuel.

8. Learn to recognize and respect the ecosystem of the environment where you are
not disturb animals, feed them or take them from their environment.
-Dedicate some time to a small environmental education workshop to foster awareness of your environment.

9. Make conscious use of the anchor
you need to anchor, choose a seabed where posidonia is not present
-When posidonia is present, avoid plowing the seabed with the anchor when setting sail
-Respect posidonia, an underwater plant that absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen, which is necessary for the health of our seas

10. Saves electricity
-Do not turn on the boat’s engine to charge a battery.
-On board use only the lights needed at the time so as not to run out of batteries.
-Use movable wind sleeves to improve fresh air circulation on board.
-Avoid using air conditioners where possible.
-Don’t forget lights on when you leave an environment.
-Do not leave electronic equipment, TVs, computers and others on standby (red light on).
-On board uses photovoltaic panels and/or wind turbines to supplement power generation.



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