X-Power 33C: X-Yachts’ first motorboat ready for the debut

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X-Power 33C

X-Yachts 33C

X-Power 33C

X-Power 33C

X-Power 33C is taking shape. In about six weeks the Danish shipyard specialized in high-end sailing yachts, X-Yachts, will make its debut in the motorboat market. With an important awareness in the sailboat market, which is based on quality and experience, the time has come for X-Yachts to enter the motor yachts market.

X-Power 33C: X-Yachts’ first motorboat

For the debut among motorboats, the goal of X-Yachts is to create a safe and fun day cruiser. With its 10 meters, the new X-Power 33C is preparing to arrive on January 15, 2021, the year for which the launch of X-Power range is scheduled. The focus is on a hull able to guarantee maximum comfort and low fuel consumption. This is why the patented Petestep technology has been used for the X-Power 33C. With this hull, without horizontal flat surfaces, the noise that is usually generated when hitting the sea when there is a wave is greatly reduced. This, however, does not compromise stability, both at sea and at anchor for top performance and optimal comfort.

X-Power 33C

X-Power 33C: a day cruiser

From Denmark comes a new day cruiser with personality. A clean and homogeneous line, with a large cockpit from the stern to the dashboard. Outdoor kitchen, seats and sundeck, all protected by the windscreen to enjoy the navigation without too much turbulence. Near the wheelhouse, there are three seats, two for the pilot and co-pilot, while a third is on the left. Through the main door, you arrive belowdeck where there are a large dinette and a bathroom.

X-Power 33C interior

X-Power 33C: engines and specification

The motorization of this boat ranges from a Yanmar 8LV engine of 320 hp to one of 470 hp.

  • LOA: 10.2 m
  • BEAM: 3.1 m
  • DRAFT: 1.2 m
  • DISPLACEMENT (Light craft): 4000 kg
  • ENGINE CONFIGURATION: YANMAR 8LV – 370 hp – YANMAR 8LV – 350 hp – YANMAR 8LV – 320 hp


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