Yachtingline: the wind-resistant boat umbrella


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Among the hundreds of nautical products present at Milano Yachting Week – The digital boat show, you’ll also find what you don’t expect. Like at the stand of Yachtingline, a Florentine company specialized in the production of boat umbrellas.

It seems obvious, but what’s different about a garden umbrella compared to a boat umbrella? Very, very much. Yachtingline’s technicians have developed a line of boat parasols that take into account the differences that a seemingly simple product must have when used on a boat.

A stable parasol when the wind is blowing

At the Yachtingline booth, they explain that they have developed a system, the Multivalvola® System canopy, an exclusive Yachting Line patent that has revolutionized the very idea of a sun umbrella.

What does it do? The wind flows between the flaps of the canopy, which therefore does not oppose its thrust. This results in greater stability of the parasol.

As far as ventilation is concerned, the warm air that forms under the canopy is free to escape, thus allowing better ventilation.

If you open the brochure that can be found in the Yachtingline stand in the accessories pavilion of our boat show you will also discover many other exclusivities, such as the beauty of the design, the variety of fabrics and many practical solutions and the wise use of materials suitable for use at sea. This is why Yachtingline is the world leader in this particular segment.

Visit Yachtingline’s booth now, so you will no longer say when you are on vacation under the hot sun in the roadstead, “Ah if I had thought of a sun umbrella first!”.

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To discover the peculiarities of the company’s boat sun umbrellas and contact directly with an email or with whatsapp a manager to learn more go HERE.




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