Yamaha F350 V6. The test of the lightest outboard in its class


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Yamaha F350 V6 in dual configuration on Sterk 31
Yamaha F350 V6 in dual configuration on Sterk 31

Bigger and bigger boats mean bigger and bigger engines, and so Yamaha has also introduced an engine in the 350-horsepower range, which is currently (at less than 300 kg) the lightest in its class. We tested it in single, double and triple configurations. You will be able to purchase it starting in August; in the meantime, we will tell you about it.

The 350-hp outboard according to Yamaha

What is certainly surprising is the weight figure, because standing at under 300 kg, Yamaha’s new 4.3-liter (4,256 cc) V6 ranks as the lightest 350-horsepower outboard on the market, saving up to 50 kg compared to competitor engines and being the best-therefore also the best in weight (293-304 kg) /power ratio (257.4 kW at 6,000 rpm). A not inconsiderable figure that Yamaha was able to achieve by developing the new F350 from 4.2-liter (4,169 cc) V6 engines, and managing to maintain the same efficiency-in terms of fuel consumption-as the F300.

The sea trial allowed us to test the new F350 in single, double and triple configurations, and in all configurations the engine showed its strengths. Very quick response to controls-there is no delay between the movement of the throttle and the reaction at the stern-very good power but above all great responsiveness and maneuverability (thanks in part to the Helm Master system joystick) both at sea and in maneuvering when returning to port.

Helm Master EX

The Helm Master EX system is a real added value for those who ride Yamaha engines. It integrates seamlessly not only with the engines, but also with the bow thruster and autopilot, and has received a whole series of upgrades over the previous version. First of all, the new electronic control system gains two buttons for start/stop and power switch and new materials (similar to those used for the joystick, softer and stronger).

Helm Master EX controls aboard the Jeanneau Cap Camarat 10.5
Helm Master EX controls aboard the Jeanneau Cap Camarat 10.5

The most interesting feature, though perhaps the simplest, is a system of LED lights and indicators that provide instant feedback on the gear engaged. Different colors corresponding to the gear engaged can be set (e.g. Yellow for neutral N, Green for forward F and Red for reverse R) to know at a glance whether the engine is in gear (and which gear in the case) or in neutral. It is a very intuitive function that can certainly be useful, especially for those who are newcomers.

How it behaves – The evidence

The configuration that is most convincing is the double, but maybe that’s because we tried it on a boat as fun and distinctive as the
Sterk 31
. The German open’s double-step hull goes very well with the incredible (and instantaneous) thrust provided by Yamaha’s signature 700 total horsepower, so much so that around 11 knots (but even a little earlier) we were already largely on plane. With this configuration, the 60 knots that the German manufacturer claims as the maximum speed can be reached without problems, and even at high speeds-with the right trim (including automatic)-the engines were always found to be ready and responsive even in tight turns.

Yamaha F350 V6 in triple configuration on the Invictus 420 TT
Yamaha F350 V6 in triple configuration on the Invictus 420 TT

Separate discussion deserves the triple configuration tested aboard the
Invictus 420
, where the type of sailing is obviously very different, but where one can appreciate-especially when maneuvering in port-the very precise joystick controls that allow one to moor with ease.

The only minor flaw with this engine (if we want to find one) is the noise, which was more noticeable on the Invictus, perhaps also because of the particular shape of the hard-top, which is very projecting and has no aft struts to act as a sounding board. In addition to that of the engine there is that due to the air-cooling intake system, which is 40 percent larger on this engine than it was on the 4.2-liter range. The intake and exhaust valves are also larger, and these are certainly arrangements that allow the F350 to have excellent efficiency.

Yamaha’s new F350 will go on sale from August 2024.

How much does it consume

Speaking of fuel consumption, these are those measured aboard the Yamarine 80DC (boat weight 2,200 kg, total weight about 2,974 kg with two people on board)

Yamaha F350 V6 in single configuration on the Yamarin 80DC
Yamaha F350 V6 in single configuration on the Yamarin 80DC
RPM Knots l/Nm
700 2.3 1.0
1.000 4.8 1.1
1.500 6.4 0.8
2.000 8.3 0.6
2.500 10.6 0.5
3.000 13.8 0.5
3.500 20.7 0.6
4.000 27.5 0.6
4.500 33.3 0.6
5.000 36.8 o.5
5.500 40.8 0.4
6.000 44 0.4

Data Sheet and Price – Yamaha F350 V6

Engine 4-stroke, DOHC
Displacement 4256 cm3
No. of cylinders/Configuration 60° V6
Bore x stroke 96.0 x 98.0 mm
Power at the propeller shaft at medium engine speeds 257.4 kW (350 hp) at 6000 rpm
Operating range at full power 5,000-6,000 rpm
Lubrication Wet carter
Fuel injection system EFI
Ignition system TCI
Startup Electric
Transmission ratio 1.75 (21/12)
Carburetors Injection
Weight without propeller 293 – 304 kg
Price from 44,169

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