Yamaha outboards, what’s new from the F300 to XF375

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New look for the Yamaha F300 cowl, with the elegant pearl white version. This colouring is also officially available for the 300 HP engine and will be available at an additional cost.

Yamaha 300 Bianco

The new shape and dynamic look of the XF375 XTO


Yamaha XF375


Yamaha is also expanding its XTO family with the new 5.6-litre V8 XF375 to meet the needs of an increasingly wide range of boats, given the growing interest shown by maxi-rib owners and large boats for this type of engine.

Like the 425 hp, the 375 horsepower model also boasts Yamaha’s top technology and is equipped with a direct injection system and fully integrated electric steering system.

Power, torque and thrust, maximum combustion efficiency and a compression ratio of 12.2:1 are just some of the features that make this outboard very attractive to the most prestigious shipyards.

The single two-stage water pump and the double chamber oil pump have been designed for constant and reliable operation.

The electric steering system is designed to combine the XF375 engine with Yamaha’s fully integrated Helm Master® control system.

To enhance the enormous torque of this engine, the new XTO OS™ propellers have been developed, producing more forward and reverse thrust. The new blade shape can move even the largest boats with minimal effort and greater control.

Maintenance is also greatly simplified by the new in-water gear oil change facility, which allows the lower unit to be inspected with the boat in the water.

The XF375 engine is available in classic Yamaha grey from € 52,910.


The electric motors M32, MX18 and MS20 Saltwater

Yamaha MS20

Yamaha’s electrics are world-renowned for their reliability, longevity and water resistance. The new M32 and MX18 are part of Yamaha’s green engine range and are designed for inland navigation.

But the real innovation is the MS20 Saltwater model. Built with an intuitive and easy to use design, this model weighs only 20.4 kg and provides excellent power and maneuverability. All three models boast the innovative technology of the Digital MaximizerTM, a system introduced to optimize the battery level, ensuring up to five times more operation on a single charge.

Yamaha MS20

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