Yamaha’s extreme outboard: here’s the V8 XTO Offshore


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Japanese giant Yamaha has once again revolutionized the world of outboards with the new V8 XTO Offshore, the latest engine unveiled by the company. Very high torque, acceleration and the 425 horsepower are the ingredients that provide the perfect mix of performance and adrenaline for anyone who tries this engine.

Direct injection outboard: here’s why it “pushes” so hard

Yamaha V8 XTO Offshore is the only 4-stroke outboard to use a high-pressure direct fuel injection system that occurs directly in the combustion chamber-this exponentially improves atomization and fuel efficiency, creating maximum power and efficiency.

The fuel injection system has three levels and features two independent fuel pumps that come into operation depending on engine speed. This ensures extreme accuracy in fuel flow and delivery, even at maximum RPM levels. The In-Bank™ exhaust feature arranges a direct path for gas to the lower unit and outward through the propeller hub, which optimizes flow: in essence, the most is obtained from each burst, making the most of combustion efficiency and consequently more power.

Power and control: the first wheelhouse with integrated electronics

Yahama with this extreme-performance outboard also wanted to wink at innovation and technology:V8 XTO Offshore has no hydraulic connections or linkages, which allows it to respond more quickly and smoothly than conventional systems with “cleaner” rigging and more order in the lockers. The control system is designed to match V8 XTO with Helmmaster–Yamaha’s integrated control system–with the very handy joystick facilitating maneuvering and anchoring to an outstanding CL7 color display.

Control over maneuvering is provided by the new XTO OS propellers, designed and built to complement and implement the enormous torque potential of the V8 XTO. The paddle structure, with a larger surface area, allows easy movement with large vessels with minimal effort and maximum control. In addition, with these propellers you have more thrust in forward and reverse, thanks to diameters between 16 and 17⅛ inches.



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