You can save the Mediterranean by choosing the right port


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What are the environmentally sustainable marinas? We are surveying them for you with Medplastic. Here’s how the “EcoPorts 2020” campaign to hunt for eco ports is going.

At meetings of Medplastic, the association for the preservation of the Mediterranean that we created in collaboration with Giornale della Vela, we are constantly asking ourselves: what can we do to help boaters be more environmentally conscious? One of the initiatives we have chosen to invest in is Operation EcoPorts 2020.

How to choose sustainable ports

We contacted more than 300 ports in the Mediterranean asking if they meet at least three of the five sustainability parameters, drawn up together with our experts (which you can find below).

The initiative was immediately a great success in terms of membership (over 30 to date!), the enthusiasm shown by the Marinas towards the campaign has made us realize that we are on the right track in our journey to protect the Mediterranean. Today more than ever, the choice of a service, even the most mundane one such as “which product to buy at the supermarket,” must necessarily take into account the impact it has on the environment.

Yachtsman sailing in the Mediterranean, do you want to know which ports and marinas are environmentally friendly where you can stay with your boat? We’ll tell you, we’ve collected them in a continuously updated list, divided by region, geolocated and with all the info you need to contact them.


This summer, while sailing in the Mediterranean, you will happen to stop at ports that display the Medplastic sticker at the reception: it is a sign that you have just chosen an environmentally friendly port of call and are helping the Mediterranean to be a better sea.


If you are the manager of a virtuous port that meets at least three of our five parameters (you will find them at the bottom) fill out this questionnaire, to be included in the list. We will send you the sticker to display at the reception desk and annual subscriptions to the Journal of Sailing, Powerboats and Top Yacht Design as well as the “EcoPorts2020” window sticker.

Power boat, but which one? We explain the eight “basic” types


1 – Presence in the Marina/Port of Ecological Islands for the disposal of special waste.
(Batteries, milk of expired paint…)
2 – Presence in the Marina/Port of a system for the withdrawal of black water and bilge water (i.e., water that has oily residues and therefore needs to be filtered or stored in bins that are withdrawn periodically)
3 – Presence in the Marina/Port of automatic plastic collection devices or periodic organization of manual cleaning actions (i.e., moorings with nets)
4 – Presence or absence of an awareness program at the secretariat or at the moorings (plastic collection kits or pamphlets on recycling, black water, and plastic damage to be given to boats in transit)
5 – Presence or absence of the Blue Flag for more than one year (the flag is given but then must be maintained over time)


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