You can use this watertight bag to replace a fuel canister!


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The waterproof bag (or backpack) is a most useful accessory for anyone who gets on a boat. Increasingly, the new models available on the market are also aesthetically curated, and this has helped to popularize them not only in the boating environment. The lightness, capacity, and special closure of these holders have also attracted the attention of non-boaters. In addition, truly unique models have emerged, including one for carrying (and storing) fuel on board!


High Visibility PVC Backpack

Seacurity‘s500D PVC backpack has a capacity of as much as 22 liters, and thanks to the roll-top closure with Velcro fastening, along with the splash-proof zipper, allow everything inside to be kept safe from water. The padded EVA foam backrest allows the backpack to be carried comfortably, even for outings of a few hours, hiking and walking. In addition to the yellow color, which makes the backpack conspicuous, there are several high-visibility reflective strips in the outer area.

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The foldable backpack-tank

This backpack revolutionizes the concept of an on-board fuel canister, in fact it is designed specifically to carry liquids! When empty it folds up and takes up no space, unlike bulky plastic canisters or the like, and once opened and filled it can be carried as a backpack or over the shoulder. The material is very strong and resistant, even to UV rays, and there are two versions, one for water and one for gasoline. The
backpack-tank Dacoblue
has an opening and a cap kit for filling/emptying, including a funnel tube cap. It can carry 20 liters and when emptied weighs less than a kilogram.

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Small and compact 6-liter bag

Yes, the watertight bag can replace the suitcase to carry everything you need on board, but not only that. There are also very compact formats, such as this small 6-liter waterproof bag from Zhik, which you can fill with the items you need to protect the most and fit inside a larger bag.

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